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Sarah Baker
January 16
The transactions are so smooth I really…
The transactions are so smooth I really love it!
Moralie Ferrol
December 26
Great service
I sent money to renew phone service, to my brother who lives in Dominica from California and he received it in less than 15 mins. Plus they had a special of added more time if you spent $25 or more so it was great. My brother was able to call several family members for the holidays. This made him so happy, since we are all live in different countries.
Ramon Barreiro
December 21
Easy to deal with
Easy to deal with
December 13
Easy top up
Latest top up was slow in taking payment, do not know where problem was. Previous top ups went through quickly.
Robert Lintjer
December 11
Topup Plus
Easy to use, and inexpensive. I just wish they had a history of past topup phone numbers to refer back to when topping up again.
Azhar Mohammed
December 2
I have always used topup and will…
I have always used topup and will continue using it for many years to come. Sending top-ups with this site is a breeze without any hidden fees or charges and is very user friendly.
Orestico Brito
November 24
Súper agradable
Ayuna Saldamaeva
November 23
Thank you very much
Thank you very much
November 17
Topping up the phone of a person half a…
Topping up the phone of a person half a World away who is using a network that does not exist in my country took just a few mouse-clicks, and the balance was on their phone within 2 minutes. I honestly cannot think of a better or easier way to do this.
Francis Appreh
November 16
Topup is wonderful
Topup is wonderful. It helps me to easily buy cell phone credits for my family in Africa. It's quick and smart. I love TOPUP!
Krisjan Bodenstein
November 11
Superfast excellent service every time!
We have a few 3G routers in the field on unattended computers and has made the connections to international devices so easy for us. Just before I need to make a connection I load airtime on the simcards with and within a few seconds my devices are online.
Laura Napoles
November 8
Its great the price is very low I like…
Its great the price is very low I like it
Marco Bissoli
November 5
In five years never had a single…
In five years never had a single problem with Topup company.
November 1
Very Convenient for me!
Very Convenient for me!
Michele Boyer
October 23
Great service and exceptional customer…
Great service and exceptional customer service. Always fast and efficient.
October 23
The Ap works verry good!
The Ap works verry good!
Felix Perez
October 14
Excelente confiable rapido
Excelente confiable rapido Ganarán su dinero como es lógico pero se preocupan por el bienestar de las personas y eso se agradece enormemente.
Glen Richardson
October 13
Fast and easy...
Fast and easy...
frank roszak
October 12
Stress Free
Couldn't be easier to add time to my number
Antonio GonzalezSanchez
October 6
Easy to use and fast family…
Easy to use and fast family members.